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This query can be used to get the Approved Supplier List information for the items.

Query is tested in R12 instance.

SELECT ood.organization_code "ORGANIZATION CODE",
              msib.segment1 "ITEM_NUMBER",
              pv.vendor_name "SUPPLIER NAME",
              pv.segment1 "VENDOR NUMBER",
              pvsa.vendor_site_code "SUPPLIER SITE CODE",
              pas.status "SOURCE_ASL_STATUS",
              paa.consigned_from_supplier_flag "CONSIGNED FROM SUPPLIER?"
  FROM APPS.po_approved_supplier_list asl,
              APPS.po_vendors pv,
              APPS.po_vendor_sites_all pvsa,
              APPS.org_organization_definitions ood,
              APPS.mtl_system_items_b msib,
              APPS.po_asl_attributes paa,
             APPS.po_asl_statuses pas
WHERE pv.vendor_id = asl.vendor_id
   AND pvsa.vendor_site_id = asl.vendor_site_id
   AND ood.organization_id = asl.using_organization_id
   AND ood.operating_unit = pvsa.org_id
   AND asl.item_id = msib.inventory_item_id
   AND asl.using_organization_id = msib.organization_id
   AND ood.organization_id = msib.organization_id
   AND asl.asl_id = paa.asl_id
   AND asl.using_organization_id = paa.using_organization_id
   AND msib.organization_id = paa.using_organization_id
   AND ood.organization_id = paa.using_organization_id
   AND asl.asl_status_id = pas.status_id
   AND msib.segment1 = :ITEM NUMBER
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